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Accessibility Statement of Commitment for Customers and Contractors

Cloverdale Paint Inc. is committed to accessibility and social justice. In advancement of this commitment, the company aims to be an environment that respects the dignity and worth of all persons. Cloverdale Paint Inc. complies with the Ontario Human Rights Code which provides for equal rights and opportunities, and freedom from discrimination.

Any person with special needs including an information or communications barrier, an attitudinal barrier, a technological barrier, a policy, or a practice may contact the listed below persons for assistance to remove or prevent an accessibility barrier that may hinder them from conducting business with Cloverdale Paint Inc.

Also, Cloverdale Paint accepts feedback from any person with special needs on how their needs were met and responds to their feedback, where required. Feedback may be received by telephone, in person, in writing, or by email. Cloverdale Paint Inc. will make best efforts to respond in the same format in which the feedback was received. Feedback will be addressed immediately, where possible. Some feedback may, however, require more effort to address and may need to be reviewed before an action is taken.

Feedback may be submitted directly to either:

Name: Marissa Bejer
Title: Director of Human Resources
Address: 400-2630 Croydon Drive V3Z 6T3
Telephone Number: 604-596-6232 x335

Name: Paul Ly
Title: Regulatory Compliance Manager
Address: 5441 54 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4L9
Telephone Number: (604) 816-4565