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Bring the Indoors Outside

Create an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

Adding indoor coziness and style your outdoor spaces can transform any area into a comfortable and inviting extension of your home. Whether it’s a gazebo, firepit area, garden or backyard retreat, here are some tips to create a comfortable (and durable!) outdoor oasis. 

1. Choose weather-resistant furniture

Select furniture that will withstand the elements. Gone are the days of rigid, uncomfortable and unfashionable outdoor seating areas. Weather-resistant furniture can also be stylish and comfortable. Opt for materials like treated wood, metal or all-weather wicker. 

2. Incorporate textiles

Add cushions, throws and outdoor rugs made from weather-resistant fabrics. These textiles are specially designed to withstand the sun, moisture and mildew, ensuring your outdoor space stays comfortable and attractive. Choose UV-resistant and quick-drying options when possible to maintain a ‘like-new’ appearance and functionality. 

3. Accessorize 

Don’t overlook the finishing touches just because you’re decorating an outdoor area. Enhance your space’s ambiance with outdoor-friendly accessories that are stylish, fun and practical. Add lanterns, string lights and potted plants to give your space a sense of coziness and charm. Make sure these accessories are suitable for outdoor use and can survive Canada’s changeable weather conditions.

4. Use WeatherOne Stains for Wood Elements

To enhance the durability and look of wood elements in your outdoor space, use WeatherOne stains from Cloverdale Paint. These stains protect wood from harsh weather while highlighting its natural beauty. Use WeatherOne stains on decks, fences and outdoor furniture to keep them looking fresh and protected.

5. Create defined areas

As with your indoor spaces, designate specific outdoor areas for relaxation, dining and entertainment. Use rugs and furniture to establish distinct zones, making your outdoor space feel organized and liveable. This strategy not only enhances functionality but also adds to the overall look and aesthetic appeal. 

Transform your outdoor area into a comfortable and stylish retreat just in time for summer. For added durability and beauty, use WeatherOne stains from Cloverdale Paint. Join the FREE Cloverdale Paint Fan Club today and gain access to exclusive benefits, perks and inspiration for your next project.