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Can Your Bedroom Colour Improve Your Sleep?

Wake Up Refreshed and Happy

Do you have a hard time drifting off to sleep? Or, do you find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night? Use colour to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that promotes deep, restful sleep. 

The perfect paint colour can positively influence how quickly you fall asleep and how well you rest. Here are some recommendations to create a serene sleep environment with the help of colour theory and some simple décor switch-ups. 

Soothing Blues

Blue is associated with calmness, serenity and stability and is ideal for bedroom walls. Studies show that shades of blue can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature – ideal for a good night’s sleep. Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Brush Blue 0607, Simple Serenity 0614 or Empress Lila 0636.

Gentle Greens

Green is associated with freshness and growth, imparting a sense of harmony and balance. It’s also associated with stress relief and healing. Consider a soft sage or pale olive to bring natural tranquility to your bedroom. Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Calm Thoughts 0698, Paradise 0691, Forest Found 0790 or Balance 0748.

Calming neutrals

Neutral tones like gray, taupe, soft beige or greige create a peaceful backdrop, making your bedroom feel cozy or spa-like. These soft, muted colours provide a refuge from the busy outside world. Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Dove EX289, Stardust EX308 or Morning Fog EX337.

Once you have a colour picked out, think about complementing your soothing paint colours with natural elements like wooden furniture, soft billowing curtains made of natural fibres, and strategically placed plants. These elements can enhance your bedroom’s overall feeling of calm, helping you to unwind at the end of your day.

Also, keep in mind these important factors when creating a haven for restful sleep:

  • Consider leaving your phone outside your bedroom so you’re not tempted to scroll at night
  • Avoid blue light from electronic devices for at least an hour before sleep
  • Stop consuming caffeine 6-8 hours before bedtime
  • Go to bed and wake up at consistent times
  • Establish a pre-sleep routine in your newly decorated bedroom: read, listen to relaxing music, meditate and deep breathe

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