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Colour Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Create a Café Vibe in Your Kitchen

For coffee lovers, their kitchen isn’t just a place to cook (or unbox takeout food); it’s where the perfect brew begins. Coffee enthusiasts – why not make your coffee ritual even more special by transforming your kitchen into your personal café? 

Here are some colour ideas to help you create a cozy café vibe in your home.

Choose wall colours that complement your coffee equipment and accessories

Are you heavily invested in all the coffee bells and whistles – coffee grinder, espresso machine, knock box, roaster? If so, why not choose wall colours that complement these tools and accessories? 

Enhance the look of your coffee equipment and create a café vibe with warm, rich hues like mocha brown, espresso, caramel, or a deep berry or burgundy. These colours not only bring to mind your favourite coffee shop and create a cozy, inviting space, but they also provide a stunning backdrop to your espresso machine, mugs and other accessories. Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Coffee Shop 0151, Chocolate Velvet 0367, Outrageous 0122 or Prince Paris 0241.

Lighter shades like creamy beige or soft taupe can offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere that complements stainless steel and wooden coffee equipment. Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Caramel Cloud 0245, Pumpkin Spice 0250 or Clover Honey 0271. 

Create a café vibe

To fully embrace the café vibe, consider adding accent colours and decorative pieces that emulate the style of your favourite coffee shop. Incorporate bold accent walls in a deep green or burgundy to add sophistication. Put up wooden shelves and stain them yourself, displaying your coffee beans, grinder and mugs to polish the look. Try chalkboard paint on one wall to create a playful menu board with your favourite quotes (or daily specials!). 

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Transform your kitchen into a cozy, sophisticated, or bustling personal café with Cloverdale Paint’s Kitchen & Bath paints.