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Colour of the Week – Star-Studded

Create a Dramatic Look with Star-Studded Elegance 

If you want to make a bold yet sophisticated statement in your home, consider pairing a deep, dramatic colour like Cloverdale Paint’s Star-Studded (0620, ColourIs Collection) with a contrasting white or off-white trim and décor. This rich, velvety colour from our Lavender/Purple palette provides an intense backdrop that will elevate any room. 

How to Achieve This Look

Paint your walls a deep, luxurious shade like Star-Studded and pair it with a crisp white or off-white trim to create a sharp, clean contrast that makes the colour pop. Incorporate neutral and white furnishings and décor, like a white sofa, duvet, lamp or artwork to balance the intensity of the walls/trim and keep the space feeling light, bright and airy. Add dark blue/purple accent pieces like pillows, throws or vases to tie it all together. 

Where it Works

This look is perfect for spaces where you want to create a feeling of drama or sophistication. Try Star-Studded in living rooms, bedrooms or home offices. This colour can add depth to larger rooms, making them feel more inviting and cozier.

Where to Avoid 

Avoid using this colour scheme in small, poorly lit rooms. The darker colour can make the space feel even smaller and cramped. Also, if your home has uneven walls or imperfect trim, the high contrast between dark walls and light trim can accentuate the flaws and look messy and unpolished.

By carefully selecting the right space and ensuring you’ve got clean lines to work with, you can transform your home with the elegance of Star-Studded. Shoot for the stars! Visit your local Cloverdale Paint store to get started today!