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Colour Outside the Lines: Experiment with Playful, Vibrant Colours in Your Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the freedom that outdoor spaces offer and have fun experimenting with your exterior colour palette and décor. It’s your backyard – so depart from safer neutrals and muted tones and draw inspiration from playful sources like cartoons, crayons or theme parks. 

Here are some fun ways to incorporate bold colours into your exterior spaces:

Inspired by Play

Draw inspiration from kids’ rooms and playgrounds, where imagination and vibrant colours rule. Create an outdoor lounge that stands out. Paint crate tables or storage trunks a bold red using Cloverdale Paint’s Party Time (1109, ColourIs Collection) or a shimmering yellow, like our Broadway Lights (0856, ColourIs Collection). Purchase brightly-coloured lounge chairs, bean bag chairs, throw pillows and runner rugs. Or, create a fairy garden in a large flower pot, stock up on board games, and add a lava lamp or light projector for added atmosphere. Let your imagination run free.

Add a Pop of Colour

Create a rustic outdoor dining area with neutral, natural wood and stone surfaces, adding bold statement pieces and art in a playful primary colour. Or, paint your bannisters, deck and furniture a crisp white and add cyan, pink or turquoise accents. Try Cloverdale Paint’s Cyan Sky (0681, ColourIs Collection), Bubblegum Pink (1098) or Turquoise Tower (0714).

Contrast Bold with Dark

Combining bold colours like blue or gold with dark colours like an Espresso (EX009) creates a striking midnight sky effect. Add lanterns or twinkle lights to complete the look. 

Incorporate Fun Patterns 

Use stencils or tape to create fun patterns like chevrons, polka dots or stripes. 

Prime for Perfection

Before applying a bold colour, ensure a smooth and lasting finish with Prime Solution Latex Stain Blocking Primer. It’s ideal for prepping surfaces and providing a flawless base for your colours to shine. 

Achieving these looks is easier than ever with Cloverdale Paint’s exterior WeatherOne CoverCoat series, a 100% waterborne acrylic line of premium coatings designed for multiple exterior applications. WeatherOne CoverCoat is available in flat, satin and semi-gloss finishes providing beautiful and durable exterior protection.

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