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Colour That Pops: Elevate Your Home’s Look with Vibrant Accents

Incorporating dramatic and vibrant colour accents into your home’s interior can enhance its overall look, adding energy, warmth, personality, style and visual interest to any space. Here are some room-by-room accent ideas for your home.

Living Room

Paint your fireplace mantel a bold shade like a deep blue (try Frozen Blue 0606 or Blue Highlight 0613) or a deep green (consider Hemlock CA189 from our Artisan Canadian Collection or Cute Pixie 0711 from our Colour Is… Collection). This focal point will add drama and personality to your living room without breaking the bank. 


Paint your bathroom vanity a bright, unexpected colour that harmonizes with, or offers a suitable contrast to, the rest of the space. Choose a colour that adds a feeling of freshness and vitality, making your bathroom look livelier and more inviting. 


Turn your kitchen backsplash into an eye-catching focal point by painting it a bold, dynamic colour. Depending on your kitchen colour scheme, consider a rich red (try Wild Rose 0066 or Empower 1095 from our Colour Is…Collection), bright yellow (Glitter Yellow 0835 or Citron 0850 from the Colour Is…Collection) or a welcoming teal (Island Moment 0695 or Meringue 0696 from the Colour Is…Collection), instantly uplifting and upgrading your kitchen.


Add personality and flair to your bedroom by painting the moulding in a contrasting colour to the walls. For example, if your walls are a soft neutral shade, paint the trim a bold colour like navy blue or charcoal grey. This visual contrast will make the architectural details pop. 

You can also use Cloverdale Paint’s 2024 Colour of the Year palette to create harmonious accents and turn your bedroom into a sophisticated, tranquil space. Paint walls Metro 0530 and accent with Beacon Fog 0490 and Subway 0536. 

Elevate Every Corner with Renaissance® Paint

Visit Cloverdale Paint and find an accent colour that reflects the personality and style of you and your home. Our Renaissance® Interior/Exterior Waterborne Alkyd Enamel is the perfect paint for the job. Renaissance® enamels are ideal for cabinets, mouldings, vanities, interior wood trim, backsplashes, fireplace mantels and more.