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Creating Harmony: Choosing the Perfect Exterior Colours for Your Home

Choosing the perfect exterior colours for your home can create a harmonious and welcoming look. Here are some tips to help you make the best choices for yourself (and your neighbourhood!). 

Complement, Don’t Conform

Your home doesn’t need to be cookie-cutter, resembling all the other houses on the street. But it’s important to respect the neighbourhood colour scheme. Identify the dominant colours in the vicinity of your home and choose complementary shades. For example, if all the homes around you are white and beige, try a soft green like Cloverdale Paint’s Grassy Glade (0433) or September Song (0426). Stand out tastefully by adding distinctive touches to doors, trim and shutters.

Architectural Considerations

Always keep in mind the architectural style of your home. Certain styles will work better with specific colour palettes. For example, a Victorian house will look great with pastel shades, while a more modern home would benefit from crisp, cool, understated colours that accentuate clean lines. 

Balance Warm and Cool Colours

Mix warm and cool colours. For example, a warm-toned primary colour can be complemented by cool accents, creating a dynamic yet cohesive look.

Impact of Natural Light

Remember that natural light changes throughout the day, affecting how colours appear. Test your potential colours, observing them at different times of day to ensure they look great in all lighting.

Work with Your Home’s Existing Materials

Existing brick, siding, stone and wood all have an important role to play when deciding on your exterior colour palette. Choose colours that will complement the tones of these materials.

Choosing your exterior colours isn’t simply a matter of personal preference – it’s about creating a look that enhances your home’s appeal and harmonizes with its surroundings. With thoughtful colour selection, you can make a lasting first impression and contribute positively to your neighbourhood. 

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