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Eye-Catching Exteriors: Trim Colours for Maximum Curb Appeal

Choosing the perfect exterior colours can completely transform your home and make a powerful first impression. The trick is finding the right colour combination for the body, trim and accents. 

Your Home’s Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style will influence the colours you choose. Older homes, or those inspired by bygone eras, suit a specific colour scheme. Modern or cottage-style houses offer more opportunities to get imaginative. Determine your home’s style (e.g., Colonial, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Cape Cod, Modern, Cottage etc.) and then look online for similar houses to provide inspiration.  

Trim Ideas to Make Your Home Pop 

Exterior trim refers to the decorative or functional elements of your home – including window trim, door trim, and the trim around the roofline, known as fascia and soffit – that outline and accentuate the architectural features of your home. Here are some trim ideas to consider: 

Soft Grey

If the body of your home is white but you’re not ready for a bold contrast, a soft grey trim is a great choice. It gives your home a welcoming and calming feel. A neutral trim also won’t compete with your door colour or other colourful elements. Try Cloverdale Paint’s Pendant EX345, True Grey EX346, Reflection EX339 or Downtown EX333. 

Dark Grey

Ideal for contemporary homes, dark grey trims are less severe than black trims but add needed contrast, giving your home an industrial and streamlined feel. Try our Flint EX336, Evening Shade EX342 or Woodsmoke EX347. 


White trims are a classic choice that makes neutral colour exteriors pop. Try our Standard White CA025 from our Artisan Canada Collection or Barely White 0021 from our Colour Is…Collection. 

Nature-Inspired Green

Green trims inspired by nature, like a deep forest or emerald green, provide a splash of colour but don’t appear jarring. This colour is ideal if your home has a warm brick and a dominant garden in front. Try Green Column 0466, Atlantic Waves 0473 or Calm Interlude 0501 from our Colour Is… Collection or Hemlock CA189 from the Artisan Canadian Colour Palette.  


Black window trim gives your home a clean, contemporary look and suits almost all architectural styles and exterior finishes, including stone or brick. Use the same black on accents like railings or lanterns. Try our Mascara EX348, Silent Sea 0515, Octavius 0522 or Black Licorice 0529.

Cloverdale Paint’s 2024 Colour of the Year Palette

We’ve also created a soothing yet eye-catching colour palette for our 2024 Colour of the Year, Beacon Fog. Check out our recommended complementary colours to use in combination with Beacon Fog for your trim, doors and window casings. 

Visit Cloverdale Paint and find a colour that reflects the personality and style of your home’s exterior. Our Renaissance® Interior/Exterior Waterborne Alkyd Enamel is the perfect paint for the job. Renaissance® enamels are ideal for railings, fascia, soffits, trim, window casings, shutters, gutters, downpipes and more.