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Fence Facelift: Give Your Home a Boost with a Fresh New Fence

A fresh new fence colour can give your home a boost and increase its curb appeal. When you choose a colour that works well with your home’s existing colour palette, you’ll create harmony and flow that enhances your home’s strong points and minimizes its problematic features. Here are some tips to give your fence a makeover: 

Keep in Mind Your Home’s Siding 

Choose a fence colour that complements your home’s predominant exterior colour. Look at the colours of the siding – whether it’s brick, aluminum, vinyl, wood or stone – and select a colour that either matches or contrasts these exterior walls. Neutral tones like gray, white or beige are also a good option as they work well with a variety of siding colours. 

Coordinate with House Accents

To ensure your fence complements your home’s overall look, coordinate the fence colour with accents. If your home has a bold front door or shutters, consider a more subdued fence colour to avoid visual overload. Or, if your home is heavy on neutral tones, a vibrant fence colour can add visual interest.

Use WeatherOne Stain for Durability & Beauty

Instead of exterior paint, consider using WeatherOne stain from Cloverdale Paint. Stains are a great option for wood fences as they permeate the wood and highlight the natural grain. WeatherOne stain is ideal for woods like cedar and redwood, offering a unique finish that enhances the wood’s natural beauty instead of covering it up. Try Cloverdale Paint’s WeatherOne Semi-Transparent 100% Acrylic Stain in Alder (ST016), Smoke Blue (ST014) or Jewel Box Green (ST018). 

Stain vs Paint

Choose stain over paint for a more natural, rustic look. Stains are generally easier to apply and maintain. Stain also allows the wood to breathe, preventing moisture build-up that can lead to rot. It’s especially effective for older fences when you want to highlight the natural grain. Try WeatherOne Solid Hide 100% Acrylic Stain in Cedar (EX100), Ebony (EX024) or Copper Verde (EX174). 

Enhance Curb Appeal with Some Finishing Touches

Once your fence is freshly stained or painted, add thoughtful finishing touches to boost curb appeal. Trim any overgrown plants around the fence, and consider adding climbing plants or decorative elements like lanterns or hanging pots. Play with lighting to highlight your fence and surrounding plant life at night. 

A fence facelift can transform your home and tie all your exterior elements together. Choose WeatherOne stain for a durable, beautiful finish. Join the FREE Cloverdale Paint Fan Club today and gain access to exclusive benefits, perks and inspiration for your next project.