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Heavy Metal Décor: The Return of Chrome, Steel and Aluminum

Chrome, steel, aluminum and silver are making a comeback, featuring prominently in 2024 design lookbooks.   

So far, the 2020s have been defined by earth tones that convey a sense of warmth and comfort, with browns and ‘greiges’ dominating home design palettes.

Designers and homeowners are ready for a shift in the form of dynamic, magnetic, glossy, reflective metals. 

The most important thing to remember about metals is that they’re durable, resilient, exquisite, timeless… and more valuable if they’re rare. Don’t let them overpower your home. 

A common misconception about metal in design is that it can only be paired with an industrial, stark and streamlined modern look. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Make Your Metals Precious 

You can choose metals that are shiny and mirror-like, reflecting your style and the atmosphere of a room. Don’t be afraid to pair metallics with florals, traditional design, rich colours, maximalist decor, a boho vibe or a minimalist modern look. Metals will flawlessly reflect the personality of almost any room. 

Another way to achieve a ‘heavy metal’ look is to incorporate muted finishes such as brushed nickel or chrome, exuding sophistication and subtlety. 

Tips for Adding Metal to Your Home

  • Choose a dominant metal

Don’t go overboard when mixing and matching your metals. Choose your favourite metal finish and then select one or two accents. 

  • Be mindful of your metals

Metals are either warm (gold, brass, copper or nickel) or cool (silver, chrome). You can mix the two, but again, choose a dominant metal and then use the ‘opposing’ metal to add a dramatic pop. Avoid using metallic tones that are similar but not identical or it will look like a mistake, not an intentional design choice. 

  • Keep your colour palette top of mind

If your room is predominantly warm (whites, beiges, browns, taupes), use warm metals. If your room is cool (blues, greens, grays), stick with cool metals. If you have a neutral palette (lots of greys or greiges), incorporate metal accents that will add warmth, colour and texture. 

  • Have fun with textures

Add some variation to your metallic textures, for example, don’t go for an ‘all-polished’ look. Combine polished, matte and hammered finishes to add visual interest and creativity to a room. 

  • Finishing touches

Incorporate metal candlesticks, artwork, desk lamps, fabrics, mirrors, furniture, side tables, or metal-inspired paint on one wall.

Metal-Inspired Paint Colours 

If you want to incorporate metals using paint, check out these metal-inspired colours from Cloverdale Paint:

Silver Glass CA176

Silver CA030

Brushed Nickel CA205

Steel CA194

Moonstone CA181

Gold’s Great Touch 0961

Coin Purse 0896

Gold Ransom 0892

Gold Digger 0877 

Visit Cloverdale Paint and find a colour that reflects your personality and style. Our Renaissance® Interior/Exterior Waterborne Alkyd Enamel is the perfect paint for the job.