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In Harmony with Nature

Choose Exterior Colours That Complement Your Natural Surroundings

Selecting the right exterior colours for your home can enhance its appearance and ensure that it harmonizes with its natural surroundings. There’s nothing worse than a porch, floor or house exterior that tries to compete with (and ends up clashing with) the trees, plant life and flowers that surround it.

For Canadian homeowners, this also means choosing colours that complement a natural landscape that changes with the seasons. 

Here are our top strategies to choose paint and stain colours that complement or blend seamlessly with nature.

Take Note of the Natural Beauty That Surrounds Your Home

When choosing your exterior colours, look to the natural beauty around your home: soft greens, earthy browns and muted blues can reflect the shades of trees, plants and sky. These colours not only blend with the environment and maintain a cohesive look with your landscape, but they also offer a timeless style that will adapt to the four seasons. 

Winter Blues

You might be tempted to choose bold, vibrant colours, but it’s important to think about how they will look throughout the year. Dramatic colours that are popular in beachside communities in the south can seem out of place and gaudy in the depths of Canadian winter. Instead, opt for colours that enhance the natural beauty around your home rather than detract from it. Subtle tones that echo the shades of your garden and trees will look great year-round. 

“But I love bold colours!”

If you want to incorporate a distinctive splash of colour, you can get a bit more creative with your front door, painting it a bold red, yellow or blue, depending on the style and exterior colour of your house. Or, pull out lawn furniture like Muskoka chairs or a picnic table during the warmer months and paint them a sunny yellow, bright red or deep green. 

Use the Right Products

To ensure that your exterior colours maintain their original look and are protected against the elements, use high-quality products like Cloverdale Paint’s Porch & Floor Enamel and Covercoat Exterior Paint. These products are designed to withstand the Canadian climate, providing a durable finish that holds its beauty over time. 

Select colours that reflect your surroundings and use high-quality paints and stains to create a harmonious and attractive exterior that gets noticed…for all the right reasons!

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