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Paint Your Home: When to Adopt Colour Trends (And When to Ditch Them)

Colour is exciting. It can change the mood and atmosphere of a room, adding a much-needed spark of life. However, it’s important to exercise caution when incorporating inspiring colour trends into your home. Colours that generate a buzz today can quickly fizzle out.   

A striking example of this phenomenon occurred in the 1970s. Oranges, avocadoes and browns ruled Canadian homes and fashion. At the dawn of the new decade, these colours quickly fell out of favour, replaced by the florals, pastels, preppy plaids and bold reds of the 1980s.    

Most people don’t have the budget or energy to completely overhaul their colour palette every few years. Here are 5 ways to incorporate trending colours without going overboard:

1. Start with Neutrals

Determine a neutral palette that you can build upon and incorporate it into your wall colour, furniture or flooring.

2. Use Colour as Your Focal Point

Designate one feature wall to add the trending colour. Make sure it complements your neutrals and maybe add a bold accent in the form of throw pillows or a piece of art. For example, Pantone’s 2024 Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, pairs well with ivory or taupe neutrals and bold pink, orange or blue-green accents.

3. Notice Your Lighting

Light affects the appearance of paint colours. An abundance of natural light makes colours more vibrant and artificial light mutes them. 

4. Be Mindful of Your Style

Don’t incorporate colours poorly suited to your style and the look of your space. If your décor is clean and modern, a colour like Peach Fuzz may look out of place. 

5. Put Your New Colour to the Test

Before committing to a new colour, test it out first. Paint a small area of the wall and leave it for a few days so you can get acquainted with it. See how it looks with your neutrals, furniture and flooring at different times of day.

Don’t be afraid of new colours – just don’t let them dominate your space. Incorporate them in a way that is easy to switch out as trends, and your personal style, evolve. 

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