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Parisian Palette: Paint Colours Inspired by the City of Lights

The 2024 Summer Olympics has renewed our love affair with Paris, so why not let the City of Lights inspire your home’s interior? Parisian interior design is defined by neutral colour palettes, luxurious fabrics, intricate ornamental touches, and a respect and passion for art and culture. 

Here are some elegant and timeless ways to add a touch of Parisian charm to your home: 

Classic Neutrals

Parisian interiors often feature classic neutrals like soft grays, beiges and warm whites, helping to seamlessly blend traditional elements with modern minimalism. This creates a sophisticated look that never goes out of style. It also allows you to showcase ornamental or decorative elements, artwork and rare collectibles without competing with the colours of your walls or décor.

Elegant Blues

Shades of blue are synonymous with Parisian design. Try a distinguished navy or dark blue, like Cloverdale Paint’s Star-Studded (0620, ColourIs Collection) or Ocean Spray (0662, ColourIs Collection). 

Wood Panelling

Panelled walls and painted wood moulding embody the quintessential Parisian apartment aesthetic. Take a traditional approach and paint both the walls and the panels white, or if you’re looking to add a hint of colour, try soft, subtle shades like Cloverdale Paint’s Morning Shine (1146, ColourIs Collection), Tutu (1139, ColourIs Collection) or Tartlet (1090, ColourIs Collection). 

Ooh La La Accents 

Add chandeliers, antique rugs, ornate gilt-framed mirrors or wrought iron candleholders, wall sconces or wall grille. Incorporate toile fabrics on seat covers or throw pillows, with patterns that feature pastoral scenes or ornate florals. 

As the 2024 Summer Olympics bring the world’s attention to Paris, let your home reflect the beauty and timeless style of this iconic city. 

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