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Power Up: Can the Right Paint Colour Boost Your Home Gym Results?

What if you could increase your reps, spend more time on the treadmill, or lift heavier weights simply by changing the colour of your home gym? Sounds too good to be true? Colour plays a pivotal role in motivation, stamina and energy. Here are the best colours to paint your home gym to improve your performance and get results:


Known for its energizing and stimulating properties, red is an excellent choice when you’re pumping iron and tackling intense workouts. Consider painting an accent wall a bold red like Cloverdale Paint’s Party Time (1109, ColourIs Collection). 


This cheerful and uplifting colour is ideal for boosting your mood and energy levels. Yellow can increase positivity and motivation, making it easier to push through any plateaus or tough exercises. Try incorporating vibrant shades of yellow like Cloverdale Paint’s Broadway Lights (0856, ColourIs Collection) or more subtle shades of yellow like Treasure Seeker (0945, ColourIs Collection) or Ray of Light (0827, ColourIs Collection). 


A calming yet refreshing colour, cyan can help you achieve balance and focus. It’s perfect for a home gym where you practice yoga or other activities that require concentration. Use Cyan Sky (0681, ColourIs Collection) as a bold backdrop, or try a softer shade in the same family like Eastern Wind (0677, ColourIs Collection).


Associated with nature and tranquility, green fosters a peaceful environment in your home gym. It’s ideal for promoting relaxation and reducing stress, which benefits your physical and mental well-being. Consider shades like Mint Grasshopper (0719, ColourIs Collection), Paradise (0691, ColourIs Collection) or Calm Thoughts (0698, ColourIs Collection). 


Blue is also known for its calming properties, helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate. If you want to feel composed, steady and focused, try Egg Blue (0671, ColourIs Collection), Clear Skies (CA189, Artisan Canadian Collection) or Kyoto (0657, ColourIs Collection). 

Incorporate these colours into your home gym and create an environment that will enhance your performance and motivation. Whether you want to feel focused and calm or energized and driven, the right colours can make all the difference.

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