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Seamless Transitions: Unify Your Home’s Style from the Inside Out

Creating a cohesive design flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces can enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Whether you have a patio, balcony or terrace, here are some tips to provide a seamless transition from interior to exterior, producing a unified style throughout.

1. Select Complementary Colours

Choose an outdoor colour palette that harmonizes with your interior design and wall colours. It’s disconcerting when a connected exterior area like a balcony has a completely different colour scheme than the interior. Extend your indoor colours to your outdoor space to create a visual connection. For example, if your interior features soft blues and grays, use similar shades for your outdoor furniture and décor. All of Cloverdale Paint’s interior colours are also available as exterior finishes. 

2. Use Consistent Materials

If your interior features materials like wood, metal or fibreglass, extend it to your outdoor space. For example, if you have interior wood trim, carry it through to your outdoor space with compatible wooden furniture or decking. For wood elements on patios and terraces, use WeatherOne stains from Cloverdale Paint to protect and enhance its natural beauty.

3. Maintain Your Design Style

Many people make the mistake of dropping their personal style in their outdoor areas and opting for traditional, ‘tried and true’ patio furniture and accessories. Keep your design style consistent from indoors to outdoors. For example, if your interior is modern and minimalist, carry this theme outside with sleek, streamlined furniture and décor. 

4. Bridge the Gap with Accessories

Use accessories to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. Cushions, rugs and throws in coordinating colours and patterns can create a sense of continuity. Add outdoor accessories like lanterns, planters or ‘welcome mats’ that match your indoor décor. 

5. Encourage an Inviting Flow

Arrange furniture to create a smooth flow between indoor and outdoor areas. Position outdoor seating to face the same direction as your indoor furniture for a natural extension of your living space. Don’t create unintended barriers or divisions with your outdoor furniture. 

By carefully selecting colours, materials and designs that complement your existing interior, you can create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Transform your outdoor spaces into extensions of your home with Cloverdale Paint. And don’t forget to join the Cloverdale Paint Fan Club for exclusive benefits and perks, no purchase necessary!