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Stuck with White Stucco? Think Again!

When it comes to stucco exteriors, the first colour that comes to mind is a classic white finish. It may be time to rethink this traditional choice and boost your home’s curb appeal with a splash of colour or a sophisticated neutral. Here are some ideas to modernize or add some visual interest to your stucco exterior. 

Subtle Elegance

Embrace the timeless elegance of neutral shades. Colours like greige, soft taupe, warm beige or cool gray can create a sophisticated and modern look. Neutrals blend with most architectural styles and landscaping, offering a versatile and stylish backdrop. Try Cloverdale Paint’s Subtle Shadow (0534, ColourIs Collection), Summit (CA019, Artisan Collection) or Cardigan (CA200, Artisan Collection). 

Eye-Catching Exteriors

Make a statement with bold, vibrant colours like deep blues, rich greens or glowing yellows. These colours can add personality and charm to your stucco exterior. Striking colours can be used to highlight architectural features and accentuate your home’s unique personality and style. Try Cloverdale Paint’s shimmering yellow, Broadway Lights (0856) or Blue Skies Today (0604).

Naturally Harmonious 

Paint your stucco earthy tones and natural greens that are inspired by the great outdoors. Try olive greens, terracotta or sandstone to give your home a grounded and harmonious look. These colours complement lush summer gardens, winter pines and changing autumn leaves. Try Cloverdale Paint’s French Roast (CA213, Artisan Collection) or Mother Nature (0746, ColourIs Collection).  

Changing up your exterior can bring out the natural beauty of your home and make architectural elements pop. But before you experiment with a new colour, don’t forget to consider your home’s:

  • Architectural style
  • Natural surroundings
  • Neighbourhood (specifically, the colour palette of neighbouring homes)
  • Resale value 

Achieving these looks is easier than ever with Cloverdale Paint’s exterior WeatherOne CoverCoat series, a 100% waterborne acrylic line of premium coatings designed for multiple exterior applications. WeatherOne CoverCoat is available in flat, satin and semi-gloss finishes providing beautiful and durable exterior protection.

Ready to give your stucco exterior a makeover? WeatherOne CoverCoat is ideal for multiple exterior applications, including stucco. Also use on primed wood, fibre and cement board siding, concrete and more! Join the FREE Cloverdale Paint FC for more tips and inspiration.