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The Power of Neutral Paint Colours: Boost Your Home’s Value Before You List It

Does paint colour matter when selling a home? Absolutely. The colours you choose can significantly impact the length of time your home is on the market and its sale price. 

You’ve heard family members, friends and experts say it: when selling your home, neutral colours are key. But why? Colour choices are intensely personal, reflecting your style and outlook on life. When selling a home, the goal is not self-expression, it’s universal appeal. 

Why Neutral Paint Matters for a Quick Sale 

If you’re listing your home, a neutral paint makeover is a must. Here’s why: 

1. Wide Appeal

Neutral colours are popular. Even if potential buyers embrace bold colours, your personal choices may distract them, taking the focus away from the home’s key selling features. Neutrals provide a blank canvas for buyers to envision their décor and colour palette (and themselves!) in the space.

2. A Fresh, Clean Appearance

A fresh coat of neutral paint gives your home a clean, polished and well-maintained look, camouflaging imperfections and outdated features. 

3. Ease of Staging 

Neutral colours provide an ideal backdrop when staging, so furniture, décor and finishing touches can be added quickly and affordably, without clashing. 

Sticking to neutral colours reduces the number of emotional objections, gives your home a polished look and makes staging a breeze, increasing the odds of a quick sale. You wouldn’t want someone to pass on your home simply because they dislike the colour purple, so start exploring neutral paint palettes today! 

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Cloverdale Paint’s 2024 Trending Neutrals


Colour Is… Colour Palette

Standard White
Artisan Canadian Colour Palette

Barely White
Colour Is… Colour Palette

Artisan Canadian Colour Palette

Dove’s Wing
Colour Is… Colour Palette

Greys and “Greiges”

These trending darker neutrals impart a sense of relaxation and luxury. Consider these colours for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. 

Subtle Shadow
Colour Is… Colour Palette

Artisan Canadian Colour Palette

Jet Grey
Colour Is… Colour Palette

Artisan Canadian Colour Palette

Colour Is… Colour Palette