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Top 5 Tips to Paint Like a Pro

Do you need to paint your home and you’re not sure where to start? Follow these tips for professional-looking results.

There’s nothing worse than a sloppy, unprofessional paint job. It can cause damage to floors, tiles and furniture; it makes cleaning up a nightmare; and most importantly, it downgrades the appearance of your home.

Cloverdale Paint has been providing quality products for homeowners and professionals since 1933 and we’ve collected some valuable painting tips along the way. Here’s our top 5 recommendations: 

1. Assess & prep painting surfaces

Inspect all surfaces that you plan to paint. Are there any areas that are cracked, flaking or peeling that will need to be repaired, sanded or scraped? It’s critical to prep. If you don’t, the weight of the new paint can cause the old paint to lift. After you’ve prepped, wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth to ensure that the paint has a clean surface to adhere to. 

2. Use high-quality tools of the trade

High-quality paint deserves top-notch application tools, painter’s tape and more. Brushes and rollers should offer great coverage, not stray bristles and drips. Painter’s tape needs to stay stuck to prevent drips and blurs – but should also lift off easily when the job is done. 

3. Protect all surfaces

The number 1 newbie mistake? Diving into a paint job without protecting all surfaces. If you don’t want paint on it – cover it! It takes a little extra effort but is so worth it. 

  • Cover floors with drop cloths 
  • Move furniture to the centre of the room and cover
  • Protect doorknobs and handles with tape
  • Remove light and electrical cover plates and tape over switches and outlets

4. Use primer (or self-priming paint)

If you’ve done a lot of prep to your walls, or it’s been more than eight years since your last paint job, a primer, or self-priming paint like our Ecologic® 100% Acrylic Latex Waterborne finish, is key. Visit your local Cloverdale Paint and we’ll recommend the right paint for the job. 

5. Employ expert techniques

There are many tricks of the trade that help produce professional results: 

  • Box your paint: Estimate how much paint you’ll need for the entire job (Cloverdale Paint experts can help you with that!), buy it all at once, combine it in a large container and mix. This ensures that your colour is consistent from start to finish 
  • Cut in your edges: Using a brush, paint the areas a roller can’t get into first (edges of walls, ceiling line, corners, around windows and door frames etc.)
  • Start at the top: Apply the paint using a roller, starting from the ceiling and working your way down. This will help you catch drips or splatter right away before the paint starts to dry

These are just some of the tips and tricks of the trade we’ve collected. Join the free Cloverdale Paint Fan Club and gain instant access to exclusive paint and decorating tips from the pros, early access to savings and rewards, and more.