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Trending & Timeless Colours to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Changing the colour of your cabinets is a simple yet powerful way to update your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets provide a strong focal point, so make yours pop. 

Choosing Your New Colour

Before committing to a new colour scheme, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Avoid colours that clash with your appliances

Select a colour scheme that complements, or harmonizes with, your appliances

  • Keep in mind your kitchen’s overall style

If your kitchen has a more modern look, try clean, bold colours like navy or black or understated colours like charcoal grey. If your kitchen is more traditional, go with whites, greys or greiges

  • Create flow and visual continuity

If your kitchen is part of an open concept layout, choose colours that work with the adjoining spaces

Top Cabinet Colours for Your Kitchen Refresh

Top trending (and timeless) kitchen cabinet colours for 2024:

Versatile Navy

Navy is becoming more popular for use in kitchens, specifically cabinets. It pairs well with various metallic finishes, styles, counter tops, flooring and appliances. Try Cloverdale Paint’s Frozen Blue 0606 or Florida Waters 0599.

Traditional White 

Fresh and clean white has always been a go-to kitchen cabinet colour, creating a feeling of crisp spaciousness. White goes with modern or traditional décor and works with various countertop surfaces and flooring. Try Standard White CA025 from our Artisan Canadian Collection, Barely White 0021 from our Colour Is…Collection or Sugar Dust 0011.

Deep Greens

Dark, soothing greens are popping up all over the place. They complement trending eco-design elements in kitchens, including reclaimed wood countertops and other natural surfaces and textures. Try Green Column 0466, Atlantic Waves 0473 or Calm Interlude 0501 from our Colour Is… Collection or Hemlock CA189 from the Artisan Canadian Collection.  

Shades of Grey 

Everyone’s favourite neutral is still a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Try our Rand Moon 0532 from the Colour Is… Collection or Steel CA194 from the Artisan Canadian Collection. 

Pale Colours

If you want to make the transition from neutrals but aren’t ready for bold colours, pale colours are the perfect compromise. To add style and a delicate splash of colour to your kitchen, try our Mellow Blue 0468, Cape Hope 0496, Empress Lila 0636, Silky Mint 0720, Sunrise Glow 0944 or Wishful Thinking 1112 from our Colour Is… Collection or Clear Skies CA189, Glacier CA184 or Lemongrass CA146 from our Artisan Canadian Collection. 

Visit Cloverdale Paint and find a colour that reflects your personality and style. Our Renaissance® Interior/Exterior Waterborne Alkyd Enamel is the perfect paint for the job.  

Renaissance® enamels are an excellent choice for a durable, smooth finish and provides adhesion on difficult to paint surfaces such as composite & engineered woods, laminates and fiberglass substrates.