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True Blue: Denim Inspiration with Honky Tonk Blue

In the fashion world, blue jeans are the ultimate neutral, pairing flawlessly with a variety of colours and styles. Why not experiment with this versatile fabric in your home too? Classic denim, in its most popular and traditional colour, blue, is known for its casual, comfortable vibe. Let Cloverdale Paint’s Honky Tonk Blue (0619, ColourIs Collection), paired with some unique denim décor, bring a touch of rebelliousness and ease to any room in your home.

Denim-Inspired Paint 

Blues have a remarkable ability to transform spaces, giving them a sense of calm sophistication. Popular in bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, blue paint makes any room feel more grounded, calm and comfortable.

Paint your walls Honky Tonk Blue, a shade inspired by your favourite pair of jeans. You can also try dark wash denim-inspired Cloverdale Paint colours like Star-Studded (0620, ColourIs Collection) or Quiet Peace (0592, ColourIs Collection). Or, try faded denim blues like Brush Blue (0607, ColourIs Collection) or Fluid Blue (0602, ColourIs Collection).

Fabric Fun

Incorporate actual denim fabric into your décor. This rugged and durable (yet soft) fabric is ideal for slipcovers for your sofas or seat cushions. Accessorize with denim in subtle ways. Denim throw pillows in various shades of blue – from dark indigo to faded denim – can create depth and interest. Try denim lampshades or a denim-covered ottoman for a more eclectic touch. 

Putting it All Together

What kind of look are you aiming for? Darker denim shades in a smooth, polished finish are ideal for a more formal, refined setting. Washed, distressed denim brings a relaxed, lived-in feel. Natural textures like wood, stone or leather provide a striking contrast to denim and denim-inspired paint colours. 

By incorporating these denim-inspired colours and elements, your favourite spaces will feel as comfortable and stylish as a perfect-fitting pair of jeans.  

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