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Welcome Home: What Your Front Door Colour Says About You

Your front door is the first thing visitors see as they enter your home. The colour you paint your door reflects your personality and style and also invites a particular energy into your space. It also sets the tone for your entire home, conveying subtle messages about who you are and what you value. 

Explore how your front door colour can impact the energy and appearance of your home and influence the perceptions of visitors and curious passersby alike. 


Red is bold, passionate and dramatic, yet welcoming. It creates positive energy and expresses an outgoing, friendly nature. According to the traditional practice of Feng Shui, a red door encourages prosperity and transforms negative energy.  

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Velvet Cake 1124, Unmatched Beauty 1110 or Endless Possibilities 1081.


Blue doors impart a feeling of tranquility and stability and represent a personality that is trustworthy, loyal and reliable. 

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Himalaya Sky 0597, Bashful Blue 0611 or Ocean Spray 0662.


Green is associated with growth and renewal, representing harmony and balance. It has a calming effect, boosting positivity, optimism and well-being, inviting in new opportunities. 

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Aquadazzle 0718, Tingle 0732 or Jungle Adventure 0739.


Cheerful, youthful and welcoming, yellow doors radiate joy and optimism. They encourage creativity while inviting in stability and harmony. 

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Fresh Scent 0837, Sun Drops 0823 or Happy Face 0851


Black doors are sophisticated, formal and elegant, communicating strength and authority. They add a touch of refined drama to your home’s exterior while offering protection and mystery. 

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Silent Sea 0515, Black Licorice 0529 or Midnight Magic 0508


Clean, crisp and traditional, white doors evoke a sense of confidence and openness. 

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Sugar Dust 0011, Luna Moon 0017 or White Kitten 0022.


Regal and opulent, purple doors reflect creativity, individuality and spirituality. Purple strengthens your intuition and wisdom. Paint your front door purple if you want more energy and abundance in your life – without the volatility associated with pure reds. 

Try Cloverdale Paint colours: Sunset Serenade 1236, Joyous Song 1187 or Crown Jewels 1193.

Also, keep in mind these important factors when choosing your front door colour:

  • The architectural style and age of your property
  • The exterior colour of your home
  • Your location (for example, colours that suit coastal properties might not work in the city)
  • The colour of the immediate interior – make sure your front door doesn’t clash with your entrance/foyer

Visit Cloverdale Paint and find a colour that reflects your personality and style. Our Renaissance® Interior/Exterior Waterborne Alkyd Enamel is the perfect paint for the job.